Month: February 2019

What Did I Learn When I Re-Read 1 Corinthians 13?

I’VE BEEN RE-READING through 1 Corinthians 13 this week. Each time I mull over and meditate on the verses within this chapter, I try to treat them as though they’re new to me—as though I’ve never read them before.  I’ve been trying not to…

Why Am I Afraid of Truth?

The truth of the resurrection was so self-evident and undeniable that even those who hated Him couldn’t deny what He had done.

What was Luther’s Plea?

“I pray you leave my name alone and do not call yourselves Lutherans, but Christians. Who is Luther? My doctrine is not mine: I have not been crucified for any one… How does it then benefit me, a miserable bag of dust and ashes,…