Month: December 2019

Leadership 1

LEADERSHIP IS FIBROUS and tough, not easily torn by discouragement. It is very fluid, filtering through the lifestyles of the led. In short, leadership possesses leaders; leaders do not possess leadership. ….This ability to make courageous decisions in relationships is one of the key… Continue Reading “Leadership 1”

What’s the Best Way to Communicate Vision?

Too much emphasis upon a slogan can be detrimental. A slogan is one means of effectively communicating the essence of the vision so that people have a shorthand way of recalling it. However, it is important not to confuse a slogan that encapsulates the… Continue Reading “What’s the Best Way to Communicate Vision?”

Are You Done?

TRY TO IMAGINE the scene in your mind’s eye. She’s a young, attractive lady in her mid-twenties.  She approaches you and others in the foyer of the church building Wednesday night just before Bible study.  She immediately thrusts out her left hand, spreads her… Continue Reading “Are You Done?”

Did Jesus Ever Condemn Homosexual Behavior?

Question:  “Is there any place in the New Testament where Jesus actually condemned homosexual behavior? If so, I have not been able to find it. … It seems to me that if the Savior didn’t say it was wrong, then neither should we.” Answer: … Continue Reading “Did Jesus Ever Condemn Homosexual Behavior?”

What about Faith Without Works?

It was January 1945. Young Sergeant Russell Dunham found himself and his platoon in a desperate situation.  Pinned down by withering machine gun fire, trapped at the bottom of a steep hill, hindered by snow all around and a barrage of artillery fire behind,… Continue Reading “What about Faith Without Works?”