We have all heard the statement: “It is better to keep you mouth shut and people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it to be true.” The same could be said of ignorance.

The 117th Congress opened with a prayer by Representative Emanuel Cleaver, Democrat from Missouri. (NOTE: This always astounds me because the left constantly screams out about the separation of church and state). As Mr. Cleaver came to the conclusion of his prayer, he spoke these words:

“And dare I ask, oh Lord, peace even in this chamber now and evermore. We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, Brahma, and god known by many names by many different faiths. Amen and awoman.”

Yes, you heard it right: “Amen and awoman.” “Awoman?” What in the world does that mean? It is not even a word found in the dictionary. It is a made up word. It is an imaginary word. It is a fictitious word. It is a word fabricated in the mind of Mr. Cleaver.

There can be no doubt that it was designed to be cute and politically correct. Since the word “men” can be heard in the word “amen,” Mr. Cleaver thought he should also appease the women who were in the congressional chamber that day. Thus, he also prayed “awoman.”

The word “amen” is found in the Bible 78 times in 72 verses. (NOTE: The word “awoman” is never found in the Bible. It is not found because it is not a word). Amen carries the same meaning in both the Old and New Testaments: “faithfulness, sure, true, so be it. The word has NOTHING to do with gender. To attach any gender reference to the word shows one’s ignorance.

My friends, can’t we all see what is going on in our society? The massive steps we have taken away from God and His Word have caused the minds of many to become darkened. Instead of manifesting intelligence, people manifest ignorance and foolishness. Instead of speaking sense and truth, individuals speak lies, fables, and nonsense. Instead of standing for what is right, people have to try to appease everything that is ungodly and sinful. Instead of using words as they were intended to be used, individuals have to twist, manipulate, and make up words in an attempt to appease every element of society.

Is all of these going to end soon? It is doubtful. Many in our society have jumped on every crazy bandwagon they can jump on. Our leaders are embracing agendas that will radically transform our nation. In the future, we will hear more and more foolishness coming from the darkness.

Dear readers, a person might as well end a prayer with “Atrans” as ending it with “Awoman.” If not, why not? Both are made up. Both mean nothing. Both are a political attempt to please certain elements of our society. Yes, there are times when it is better to keep your mouth shut! Victor M. Eskew


One Comment on “AMEN AND AWOMAN

  1. Cleaver’s prayer has it’s origins in demonic Pagan worship. This man was never a true Pastor but a Wolf in sheep’s clothing……we are too judge those by their word’s and actions which PROVE they are NOT following the One True God, God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The 3 in ONE God!
    I pity this man’s soul for he dwells in darkness and his end will be horrifying…..unless the God of all Grace and Mercy has mercy upon His soul and reveals His Son to him in order to grant him the Grace to be convicted of his sin…..leading him to True Repentance and therefore he will surely Glorify the One True God!
    Thank you for stating the truth about this blasphemy that came forth from the mouth of this man.
    Lord bless you!


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