Those who are truly followers of Jesus have their citizenship in heaven. Do you hear the message of Paul to these Philippians who have a powerful and special privilege of being citizens of Rome because they live in Philippi? Their hope is not in Roman citizenship but in heavenly citizenship. We pledge our allegiance to heaven, not to earth. Our eyes are always heaven directed because from it we await a Savior. What are we waiting for in this life? Notice Paul says that Christ followers live awaiting the Savior from heaven. We live in America, but we are from another place where we long to go. When I lived in Kentucky to finish my college education, I had my car tagged with a California license plate and I had a California driver’s license. I did everything I could to keep my car tagged with a California license plate. Why? Because I was not from Kentucky. I had to live in Kentucky. But I wanted nothing to do with Kentucky because I was from California, and I wanted to show that I was from California.

In the same way, we live on this earth and we live in America. But we want nothing to do with the ways of this world. We want to show the world that we are from heaven. We know we are citizens of heaven. We desire to do everything we can to show this citizenship and will not entangle ourselves with the worldly nonsense or entangle ourselves with the affairs of this earth. The scriptures make it clear that we are foreigners and strangers on this earth.

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