The Isolation of Suffering – Aug. 28


READ Job 19:13-19

SUFFERING IS SUCH lonely business…

Job’s present speech, filled with repeated despair signified by such phrases as “my friends scorn me” (16:20), “my spirit is broken” (17:1), “where then is my hope?” (17:15), comes from his tormented soul (19:1).

The last indictment recorded by Bildad about Job is unconscionable (18:20) and Job says in amazement, “You are not ashamed that you have wronged me” (19:3).

The three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar have interacted with Job long enough for Job to give up hope that any of them will be productive helpers to him.

It is as if he turns away from them and wonders aloud at how utterly alone he feels.

He cites brothers (13), acquaintances (13), relatives (14), close friends (14), houseguests (15), servants (16), his wife (17), his children (17), other children (18), close friends (19), and those he loves (19).

All of them, he expresses through the poetic device of parallelism, are repulsed by him or estranged from him.

In other words, wherever he turns for help on earth, he feels alone!

Those who do acknowledge him and speak to him are making the problems worse.

They are saying all the wrong things in all the wrong ways.

You know someone who is struggling today, perhaps through some protracted, intense struggle.

Ask yourself who is coming to their aid?

Who is calling or visiting them?

Who is tending to their needs?

Perhaps no one is passing judgment on why they are hurting; maybe, no one is even thinking about them.

Suffering is such lonely business.

Make sure no one you know is having to be employed in the industry of pain without a shoulder upon which to lean or cry.

Helping the hurting is a sign of spiritual maturity.  USED BY PERMISSION – “More STRENGTH for the JOURNEY,” 256.  Copies of the book can be purchased at:

“God loves you and I love you and that’s the way it’s gonna be!” – Mike

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