Some people promote and tout abortion as a “right”. . .

Even though the decision to have an abortion has fatal consequences for the infant, and possibly dire consequences for the mother, a women who chooses that path many times uses the argument that it’s her body, so it is her choice.

Even though the infant within her is not her body, still she proclaims, ” My body; my choice!”, and even though the decision affects the infant within her, her cry is still the same, “My body, My choice!”

Now forward to 2020.

The COVID virus has been among us for months.

Many say that by wearing masks, perhaps others will be spared from catching the malady.

Some refuse to wear the masks.

They say they shouldn’t have to if they choose not to – “My body, My choice!”

But others insist they MUST wear the mask, because to not do so may affect others and authorities require masks be worn.

They ironically reject the “my body, my choice” argument.

They insist that the refusal to wear a mask is not a choice that should be allowed to be made.

The astonishing thing is that many of those who seek to remove the right to choose to remove a mask because it affects others, are the same ones who who argue that an abortion is a right, despite the consequences to others!

Joe Dukes

“My body, My choice” cannot be used as an argument for abortion, an act that results in certain death, and then refused as an argument for something with much less certain consequences. Joe Dukes, edited

“I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” (Deut. 30:19; Psm. 139:14-16).

Joe is a member of the Oxford church of Christ, Oxford, AL, and lives near Pell City.

“God loves you and I love you and that’s the way it’s gonna be!” – Mike

Author: imikemedia

Christian. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Evangelist. Son. Photographer. Outdoorsman.


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