When you invite individuals to the worship services of the church that happens on the Lord’s Day, that is, Sunday, there are many replies that people make.

On individual recently said: “I go to the lake to fish on Sundays. It is there that meet with God.”


The truth is that when he is at the lake, He is with himself.

He is with nature.

He is with restfulness.

He is with the fish.

He is with other fishermen.

He is with peace and tranquility.

He is with the beauty of God’s creation.

He is with a beautiful sunrise.

He is with the thrill of the catch.

He is with the calm of the coves.

He is with a good friend perhaps.

But, he is NOT with God.

Man believes that he can tell God where He is supposed to be on Sundays. NOT SO! God has told man where he is supposed to be on Sundays, and it is NOT on the lake.

God has called His people to assemble for worship. It is in the worship setting where God can be found. He is accepting His people’s praise. He is receiving their sacrifices. He is smelling the sweet odor of their prayers. He is enjoying their fellowship. He is speaking to them through His holy Word.

My friends, if man has the ability to control God and tell Him where He is supposed to be, then God ceases to be God. When man tells God how things are supposed to be, then man usurps the position of God. Yes, man seeks to be God. When man tries to assume the position of deity, he makes a huge mistake. Just think, a man on a peaceful lake believes that while he forsakes the assembly of the saints he is at peace with God. Little does he know that in the spiritual realm he has stirred the wrath of God. If he could look into the unseen realm of God, he would not see peace. He would see the disappointment of God. He would not see approval. He would see the anger of God. He would not see acceptance. He would see a loving God yearning for his child to engage in true worship amidst the temple of the living God.

Satan is a crafty being. He enables us to see the peacefulness of a situation, but makes it difficult to see the turmoil that has been created in the spiritual realm.

Are you really sure that God is in the place where you go to be with Him? BY VICTOR ESKEW


Author: imikemedia

Christian. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Evangelist. Son. Photographer. Outdoorsman.

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