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Take Heed to WHOM?

There are several reasons for elders taking heed to themselves.  One reason is because elders have a soul to save, viz., their own…

How Does A Congregation Pick Its Preacher?

Calvin Miller’s book, “The Empowered Leader” addresses ten keys to what he calls “servant leadership.”  In chapter one (pp. 11-12), he addresses our general propensity to select men (i.e., preachers) based upon faulty, yes – even worldly, structures. I’ve taken the liberty of amending… Continue Reading “How Does A Congregation Pick Its Preacher?”

WHERE is Salvation? #4

THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT the following question please. Is there ever a time—in all of the Bible—when God confined salvation—to just one location? Let’s explore this together with an open mind and open Bible (cf. Acts 17:11). Please read the following passage and then answer… Continue Reading “WHERE is Salvation? #4”