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Does God Have Body Parts?

IT IS A $100 word. Anthropomorphism. It is difficult to enunciate; it is even more challenging to understand. The word is a combination of the Greek anothropos, meaning human and morphe, meaning form. Anthropomorphic language represents God having human form or characteristics. For instance, the… Continue Reading “Does God Have Body Parts?”

Can Pain Be a Blessing?

DR. PAUL BRAND was an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in treating leprosy in India and Louisiana.  Leprosy (or Hansen’s disease) is a disfiguring disease cause by a bacterial infection.  Once considered incurable, leprosy can now be cured with antibiotics.  One effect of the disease… Continue Reading “Can Pain Be a Blessing?”

What Does “Father in Heaven” Imply?

I WILL SPEAK for me. I probably need to spend more time thinking about what I’m actually saying in my private prayers. “Father in heaven…” If I am not very careful, the phrase may constitute little more than a thoughtless, repetitive expression. Strangely enough,… Continue Reading “What Does “Father in Heaven” Imply?”

Is Help on the Way?

LONG AGO, IN the days of sailing ships, a terrible storm arose and a ship was lost in a very deserted area. Only one crewman survived, washed up on a small, uninhabited island. In his desperation, the castaway daily prayed to God for help… Continue Reading “Is Help on the Way?”

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